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Centrifugal Pump Services Ltd manages the warranty from the manufacture on your behalf. BBC Electropompe gives a 12 month guarantee from the date of sale. If within this period any defect is discovered in respect of workmanship, construction or material, BBC Electropompe undertakes to make good the defect or replace the defective part at its expense inside normal working hours at our or their premises, provided that we are notified immediately the defect is discovered and that the correct warranty procedure as laid down by BBC Semisom Pumps at the operative time is strictly followed in each and every case.

All units or parts thereof subject to a claim under this guarantee and warranty procedure must be returned to our premises carriage paid if required by BBC Semisom Pumps. In the event that the claim is found to be justified, a new unit or part will be supplied. If the claim is found to be unjustified, the Purchaser will be given the option of having the unit or part thereof returned or repaired at his cost at current rates. All such units or parts thereof will be held pending the decision of the Purchaser for one month before being scrapped in line with our environmental policy.

Spares or repaired parts will be delivered ex warehouse exclusive of fitting. Returned goods may be rejected unless completed paperwork has been forwarded to our claims department. Goods received without paperwork may be kept for 30 days, thereafter, they will be scrapped and claim will be null and void.

This guarantee does not apply to defects caused by incorrect application, fitting or erection, abnormal conditions of working, accident, misuse or neglect or general wear and tear. The responsibility of BBC Electropompe is in all cases limited to the cost of making good the defect or replacing the defective part and BBC Electropompe excludes all liability for any consequential or other damage or losses which may occur. This includes delays caused by any carrier or transport.

For non BBC Electropmpe products we sell on line we manage the warranty based on the same principles of the BBC Electropompe Warranty stated above.

If you have problems with the goods supplied then download the warranty claim form to be filled in and be returned with the goods.

The pump should be completely emptied of product before returning, if it has been pumping Sewage or other products that may cause harm to our personel then the pump should be thoroughly flushed before sending. Failure to flush out will result in your claim being delayed and a charge may be made to clean if appropriate.