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BBC CMV Vertical Multistage

Surface Mounted electric pumps CMV vertical multistage 230v Single Phase
BBC CMV 10 6/110

BBC CMV 10 6/110

BBC CMV 10-6/110 230v

Vertical multistage

- To pump water from water reservoirs or collecting tanks;
- To pressurize civil, agricultural, industrial and fire-fighting plants;
- Irrigation;
- Feeding boilers;
- To convey water for heating, cooling and conditioning plants.

Application features
- Maximum number of starts per hour 20;
- Maximum temperature of the water pumped 80 ºC;
- Continuous duty S1;
- Degree of protection IP 54;
- Insulation class F

- Asynchronous motor with short circuit rotor;
- External ventilation.

727.00 (Ex VAT)