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BBC Semisom Plastic up to 13amp

BBC Semisom Single and twin control panels with plastic enclosure
BBC Semisom P2BPPAP, P2BPTA control panel

BBC Semisom P2BPPAP, P2BPTA control panel

BBC Semisom P2BPPAP Single phase control panel

P2BPTA Three phase control panel

Direct-on-line starters with plastic enclosure IP55

- By means of a HAND-OFF-AUTO selector switch;
- In AUTO by means of float switches for runstop;
- Predisposed for alarm device.
- Opening interlocked;
- Transformer 230-400/24 V;
- Contactor 24 V;
- Thermal relay for motor protection;
- Set of fuses for motor protection;
- Fuses on auxiliary circuit;
- HAND-OFF-AUTO selector switch;
- Indicator lights for: on-line - run - thermal cut-out - alarm;
- Plastic control panel;
- Dimensions: 220x300x120 mm.

342.00 (Ex VAT)