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Solar Powered pumping

Solar Powered pumping

BBC Semisom Pumps Solar Pump Station
BBC Electropompe solar stations allow pumping water with complete autonomy and can be easily installed anywhere there is a good solar radiation.
They can meet all various and different needs to pump clean or sewage water.
They are available in several different versions: from the cheapest, for domestic applications,
designed with DC motors and directly wired to the solar panels to the most complex ones
that assure the maximum efficiency by using inverters and optimized electric motors.
All different solutions can be easily customized and, according to the client’s needs, used
to store water or the energy to run the pump even without solar radiation.
- To pump water from reservoirs, collecting tanks and wells;
- To pressurize civil plants;
- Irrigation;
- To pump sewage water.
- Flow up to 2400 l/min;
- Head up to a 300 m;
- Power from 0,55 KW to 11 KW.